I was beside myself with anger and cried when it dawned on me I couldn’t achieve my goals as the career woman I would have loved to be in the future. Gradually I was being taken away held shoulder high by hands I didn’t even know preventing me from escaping. I looked back to catch one more time at mama but I couldn’t see her amidst the fog and dust from the dancing feet’s of the ceremonial group. As I was being carried further away with the loud songs, people rushed out of their rooms to get a look at the new bride and gossip about the price being paid for me. I engrossed in my own thoughts of who I was married to, didn’t take notice of the increasing number of people following the bridal train that late.

I realised the carriers moved further and further away from familiar places in town and about half the crowd had stop following when we got further away. We were almost on the outskirt of our town near the hospital and there were only few houses to signify the end of our town. I wondered if I am married to someone outside town just like Eli and I wouldn’t get to see my mum again which greatly worried and troubled me that made me impatient and panicking.

They kept moving till we passed the hospital and my fears heightened as we made a turn on to the main road linking to the next town. Right after the turn there was this house with a big compound standing on its own looking like a chief palace with a big cattle’s pen next to it a few meters from the hospital. This house overshadowed the other houses and it was sparsely populated unlike where I live with mama which was lively. As we approached it, there was Mr Kunle the man who visited father on the pretense of land acquisition. I realized my suspicions earlier was confirmed. On approaching the house I fought harder but those strong hands always overpowered me I don’t know for what reason made me start fighting again but the face of Mr. kunle and a smile across his face was like a victory smile which tormented my soul. Overpowered I decided to save my strength for a battle with Mr. Kunle if there is any left if he dared touch me that night.

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