The youngest wife name is Alice and she was from the next village. She was married off to Mr. Kunle when she was 11 years by her father who used her bride price to renovate their family house and acquire a land which they use for faming to feed her family. She said ’I am … Continue reading ALICE


On getting to the house, which was massive judging from the compound but due to the fog I couldn’t distinguish how many rooms he had or how rich he was. There were his four wives waiting on me. I was brought down swiftly the same way I was picked up and the wives grabbed me … Continue reading THE HOUSE


Three days after he came to me again, for another painful sexual session. I have just recovered from the previous one and I was scared I would be bruised for the second time and I couldn’t handle it. It was a little after midnight when I heard the door open from outside and I knew … Continue reading TORTURE