The person I created in my head to come save me didn’t come as I was married off when I least expected it. I remember the day of my marriage vividly like it all happened yesterday. I had seen Mr. Kunle talking to dad a few days earlier which he brought with him palm wine … Continue reading SUSPICIONS


  About five minutes of standing at the car finally her father showed up. She had nothing to talk to him about so the ride was silent and slow. Stuck in traffic for the longest time she will ever imagine, maybe it was due to her anxiousness.  Accra major streets are always crazy during morning … Continue reading CHAPTER 3


The next morning, Ellen was the first to wake up which was surprising. She wanted her dad to drop her off at her old school and pick up her results. she was busting with excitement and anxiousness as she rushed through shower and breakfast and settled in the sofa waiting for her father. When john … Continue reading CHAPTER 2


It has been six months since Ellen has been home waiting for the results of the waec examinations she wrote. The results will decide if she will continue to the senior high school or have to repeat three years of junior high which really will suck. She is confident she wouldn’t have to rewrite as … Continue reading CHAPTER ONE