The person I created in my head to come save me didn’t come as I was married off when I least expected it. I remember the day of my marriage vividly like it all happened yesterday. I had seen Mr. Kunle talking to dad a few days earlier which he brought with him palm wine … Continue reading SUSPICIONS


My village was located in Navrongo a town in the northern region of Ghana which has a desert like weather; with droughts on dry season, scorching sun and barely rains. The main source of income my village generates from was farming and cattle rearing. The rich and influential are the only ones who could afford … Continue reading TOWN


My name is Naomi as I christened from my local name Enam even against fathers will when I started schooling in the only primary school built by the government in my village. It was the only school with only three classroom blocks and two teachers where we are made to bring our tables and chairs … Continue reading ME


’Isn’t this Mr. Abas? The Shea butter refinery owner in Tumu? I heard a middle age man ask Adaku the know it all man in the village. He replied in affirmative ’yes he is, can’t you see the expensive bride price? Tumu is a long way off from our village which will really be a … Continue reading ELI 1