‘Hi Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ he said ‘Did you enjoy service today’? he asked smiling like an angel. This boy sure knows how to get on my nerves I thought to myself. My parents were all smiles answering him back. ’we did have a memorable service’ my dad replied . ‘How do you know Katie? … Continue reading CHAPTER 3


I glanced at her with surprise and asked. ‘Are crushing on him? ‘Yeah who wouldn’t’ she replied ‘He has everything I want in a man'. Laura replied as I listened 'He is son of the reverend which means he is prayerful, a librarian which proves his love for books and president to a book club … Continue reading CHAPTER 2


These days Raphael has been on my mind. Raphael who is dead. I  subconsciously ask myself why I remember him every time.  Is it that, I miss him, or maybe my mind keeps wondering how he would have done if he was alive, or just maybe my mind wanders down memory lane to  those days … Continue reading CHAPTER 1


The next morning, Ellen was the first to wake up which was surprising. She wanted her dad to drop her off at her old school and pick up her results. she was busting with excitement and anxiousness as she rushed through shower and breakfast and settled in the sofa waiting for her father. When john … Continue reading CHAPTER 2