ME 2

Most men in my society were intimidated by the doctor and said she was cursed not to be married and have children at her age thereby they avoid the hospital even when they are seriously sick since they will be treated by her. My entire village knows is a lady should get married and have … Continue reading ME 2


My name is Naomi as I christened from my local name Enam even against fathers will when I started schooling in the only primary school built by the government in my village. It was the only school with only three classroom blocks and two teachers where we are made to bring our tables and chairs … Continue reading ME


’Isn’t this Mr. Abas? The Shea butter refinery owner in Tumu? I heard a middle age man ask Adaku the know it all man in the village. He replied in affirmative ’yes he is, can’t you see the expensive bride price? Tumu is a long way off from our village which will really be a … Continue reading ELI 1


It is about 5pm in the evening on a Thursday and I had just arrived from the farm with mum after a tiresome day of working under the sun planting new yam heads to wait for the rains. I didn’t get to go to school today so I could help on the farm as it … Continue reading ELI


‘No mum’,’ I mean yes ‘Ellen replied. Realising her mother wasn’t happy with her answer she added; I choose different sets of school and she only had this school in common with me. It’s not my fault she got the same school as me.   She said whilst shrugging her shoulder hoping Amanda will get closer … Continue reading CHAPTER 15